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  • We value the Bible, God's Holy Word, as our source of divine authority.


  • We value the historical fact that the association was created by and for   the churches.


  • We value and respect the autonomy of each member church.


  • We value and respect the fellowship among the family of churches.


  • We value worship, discipleship, evangelism, ministry, missions and fellowship as essential elements in making and maturing Christian disciples.


  • We value the way maturing Christians benefit the Kingdom of God.


  • We value and trust the elected messengers from member churches to govern the association under the Lordship of Christ.


  • We value the opportunity and the responsibility to partner with member churches in fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ in Caldwell County and beyond.


  • We value our paid and volunteer associational leaders.


  • We value the support provided by the churches.


  • We value our autonomous and voluntary relationship of cooperation with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and the Southern Baptist Convention.


  • We value the privilege of working with churches of other denominations, businesses, as well as social and educational agencies within Caldwell County.


  • We value the right to exercise Christian citizenship through cooperation with city, county, state and national governments.




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