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News & Events

The Caldwell Baptist Association uses several methods to convey information to its member churches.


  • The e-Caller is a monthly newsletter that is distributed via email through Constant Contact.


  • The  Church/Community News is a weekly publication that is distributed via email through Constant Contact.


  • Mailings to church leadership are sent periodically to advertise associational events. It is vitally important that we receive from all member churches a completed Congregation Profile each year so we will have the current leadership on file to receive these mailings.


  • News and events are updated weekly on the website.


If you are not receiving the weekly and monthly publications please use the contact information below to request to be added to the Constant Contact email list or simply add your email to the popup to subscribe to our newsletter.


The association assists churches and non-profit organizations in advertising news and events. The Church/Community news goes out every Wednesday. If you would like to advertise in this publication please email your information to the office by Tuesday. The e-Caller goes out monthly. To advertise in this publication please email your information to the office by the 25th of the preceding month (ex: For the July e-Caller information must be submitted by June 25). Due to limited space we reserve the right to edit the information submitted.



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