Fast Facts

2020 Statistical Information

Caldwell Baptist Association, Inc.

Churches: 72

Church Members: 25,168

Baptisms: 107

Sunday School Average Attendance: 3,174

Worship Service Average Attendance: 5,221

VBS Enrollment: 367

Baptist Men Enrollment: 368

WMU Enrollment: 1,099

Women's Ministry: 57

Lottie Moon Offering: $263,225

Annie Armstrong Offering: $116,942

North Carolina Missions Offering: $42,532

Cooperative Program Gifts: $758,851

Total Church Receipts: $13,690,981

Twenty-two churches (31%) did not submit a congregation profile for 2020; therefore, the numbers do not include their information. Membership totals from previous years, for the non-reporting churches, were used in order to better determine the total membership.