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Services to Equip

Associational Events and Activities

  • Associational Gatherings of the Messengers

  • Bible Drills Promotion and Training Meeting

  • Church Clerk's Training Event

  • Girls-in-Action and Children-in-Action Day Camp

  • Media Library Book Fairs

  • Ministers Conference

  • Ministers Study Groups

  • Seminary Extension Classes

  • Senior Adult Lunch & Learn

  • Vacation Bible School Clinic

  • Woman's Missionary Union Training 

Other Services

  • Adult Ministry

  • Associational Media Library

  • Baptist Men's training

  • Bi-vocational ministers training

  • Calendar of Activities

  • Church and Community News (weekly electronic news)

  • Conflict Management

  • e-Caller (Association's monthly electronic newsletter)

  • Instruction on church incorporation

  • Ministers ordination service

  • Ministers Support Fund

  • Mission development and education

  • Personal training events for churches

  • Provide resumes of potential pastors and staff ministers

  • Provide training for church committees and ministry teams

  • Provide training for pastor search committees

  • Provide training for church staff search committees

  • Ruth Keller Scholarship Fund for students preparing for ministry

  • Small groups training

  • Sunday School training

  • Strategy Planning for churches

  • Youth Ministry

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