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Caldwell Baptist Association, Inc.



Article IX: Messenger

A.        The Association-in-Session consists of the duly elected messengers by member churches in attendance at each gathering or called



B.         The messengers serve as the governing body of the Association.


C.         Each member church is entitled to a minimum of five messengers. Churches with more than fifty resident members are allowed

            one additional messenger for each additional fifty resident church members. No church is allowed more than ten messengers

            with the exception of the seven associational officers and pastors.


                                                                                  50 or less resident members equal 5 messengers.

                                                                                  51-100 resident members equal 6 messengers.

                                                                                  101-150 resident members equal 7 messengers.

                                                                                  151-200 resident members equal 8 messengers.

                                                                                  201-250 resident members equal 9 messengers.

                                                                                  251 or more resident members equal 10 messengers.


D.        In addition to the total number of messengers to which each church is entitled, each pastor and each of the seven associational

            officers are considered messengers by virtue of their positions provided that the person is a member of the church being



E.         Churches are encouraged to elect their messengers before October 7 each year so that the messengers can serve the full

            associational year from January 1 through December 31, and have their names included on the Annual Congregational Profile due

            each year on October 7. Messengers may serve consecutive years but must be elected annually by their church.  Messengers are

            expected to attend all of the gatherings and called meetings of the Association.


F.         The functions of the messengers are to receive current information and reports about the work of the Association and groups

            with which it is related; transact the business of the Association; and report on the meetings and activities of the Association to the



G.        A person serving as a messenger from a church must be an active member in good standing of that church.

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