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Family Issues


God's Blueprint for Today's Family

Pastor to Pastor  (Being Yourself as a Pastor's Wife)

Pastor to Pastor (Pastors as Parents)

Pastor to Pastor (Pastors in Crisis)

The 24 Hour Counselor - Youth Crisis Edition 1 (6 Tapes)

The 24 Hour Counselor - Parent of Youth Edition (6 Tapes)


Before You Marry

Being Married

Celebrating Sex In Your Marriage

Children At Risk

Christian Self Esteem - Parenting by Grace

Covenant Marriage - Partnership and Commitment

Divorced But Still My Parents

Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way

Introducing Christian Ethics

Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships

Making Wise Choices - Helping Children Understand Social and Moral Issues

New Millennium Families

New Millennium Families (A Study Guide)

Parents Are Forever

Parenting by Grace - Discipline and Spiritual Growth

Should I Get Married?

Stage Coach (Coaching Tips for 10 Tough Life Stages)

Telling A Child About Death

The Church Looks at Family Life

True Love Waits 1999-2000 Manual (Crossing Bridges With Purity)

When You Lose A Loved One


Pastor to Pastor (Choose Life)

Pastor to Pastor (Dysfunctional Marriage)

Pastor to Pastor (Family Feuds)

Pastor to Pastor (Love Wins Out)

Pastor to Pastor (Happily Ever After)

Pastor to Pastor (Parenting Stages)


A Beautiful Design

Balanced & Blessed (Experiencing Marriage the Way It's Meant To Be)

Bringing Up Boys (VHS & DVD)

Effective Parenting in a Defective World

Grandparenting by Grace

Keeping the Promise

Loving Lasting Relationships

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours

Making Marriage Last Forever

Man Of His Word - Calling Men to Integrity & Leadership

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right

Running the Rapids

Sacred Marriage

Seven Promises Practiced

The Andy Griffith Show Bible Study Series Vol. 1 (includes Participant's Guide)

The Andy Griffith Show Bible Study Series Vol. 2 (includes Participant's Guide)

The Disconnected Generation

The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages of Children

What Would Jesus Do?


A Vow to Cherish

Before You Say "I Do" (Video Series of 3 - Workbook also)

Children At Risk (2 VC's and book)

Communicating Values to Your Children

DivorceCare (13 tape series)

Families Under Fire (4 tape series - 7 sessions)

Home Counseling - Building a Healthy Self-Concept

Home Counseling - Burnout

Home Counseling - Christian Counseling for Pastors and Laymen

Home Counseling - Coping With Anxiety

Home Counseling - Eating Disorders

Home Counseling - Five Principles For Christian Success

Home Counseling - Happiness Is A Choice

Home Counseling - Memories

Home Counseling - Personality Types

Home Counseling - Rekindling Hope

Home Counseling - The Guilt Factor

Home Counseling -  Winning The Race

How To Prepare for Adolescence

How To Raise the Strong-Willed Child

Making Love Last Forever

Making Marriage Work

McGee and Me - In the Nick of Time

Loving, Lasting Relationships (2 tape series)

Parenting:  How to Love Your Child (5 tape series)

Parenting:  The Secret to Discipline (5 tape series)

Parenting:  Why Values are Important (5 tape series)

Parenting:  Life as a Missionary (5 tape series)

Parenting:  Improving Your Attitude (5 tape series)

The Gospel of Sex Video

The D.I.N.E.R.'S. Club (Children's video dealing with divorce)

Truth Matters for You and Tomorrow's Generation (5 session series)

Vive La Difference!

What Dads Need to Know About Fathering

What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women



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VC 411 - 424

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