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Anytime Anywhere Bible Study (Learning from the Bible)

Anytime Anywhere Bible Study (The Bible and Me)

Divorced But Still My Parents

I Can Help Others

Making Wise Choices - Helping Children Understand Social and Moral Issues

Miss Fannie Leader for WMU

My Body and Me

My Family Helps - A Missions Activity Book for Preschoolers

My Family Says Please and Thank You - A Missions Book for Preschoolers

Silly Putty and other Children's Sermons

Tell Me About God

Telling A Child about Death


Children's Bible Drill DVD (BSCNC - Edition 2005)   2 copies

Family Treasurers

Far From Home

Ribbits! The Hero of Hoppers Landing

Ribbits! Froggy World

Ribbits! The Great Follywood Fizzle

Stephen's Test of Faith

Wemmicks: If Only I Had a Green Nose

Wemmicks: Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift

Wemmicks: You are Mine & You are Special


Adventure Zone (Adventures of Jesus)

Crayons, Computers, and Kids (Teaching Children S.S. Today)

Dare to be a Daniel

Effective Parenting in a Defective World

I'm a Christian Now (Kids Edition)

Love, Laughter, & Learning (Teaching Preschoolers Today in S.S.)

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right

The Five Love Languages of Children


An Important Question for An Important Person

Learning About God

Down the Street, Around the World


A Pond Full of Pigs plus Patches' Present

Adventures in Odyssey - A Flight to the Finish

Adventures in Odyssey - The Knight Travellers

Adventures in Odyssey - Shadow of a Doubt

Backyard Safari & Howard the Horrible Gets Even

Communicating Values to Your Children

Creation Celebration

Henry & the Great Flood and Scary Night at the Zoo

Honesty Is The Best Policy

"It All Adds Up"

Kids on Mission (Published twice a year)

Larryboy - The Angry Eyebrows

McGee and Me - Twister & Shout

McGee and Me - The Big Lie

McGee and Me - Back to the Drawing Board

McGee and Me - Take Me Out of the Ball Game

Once Upon the Beginning

Precious Cargo - Keep Them Safe

Pride, Prejudice and Fudge

Psalty's Salvation Celebration

Resource Kit for Children's Ministry (Practical Guidelines, Birth - 11)

The Amazing Book

The Amazing Children

The Amazing Miracles

The Big Money Mix-Up

The Christmas Gift

The D.I.N.E.R.'S. Club

The Good Samaritan

The Mystery of the Howling Woods

The Original Top Ten

The Story of Joseph

The Visual Bible for Kids - The Story you can Believe In

The Visual Bible for Kids - The Great Storyteller

The Visual Bible for Kids - The Stories of Jesus

The Visual Bible for Kids - The Great Escape

VeggieTales - A Very Silly Sing-Along

VeggieTales - Are You My Neighbor?

VeggieTales - Dave and the Giant Pickle

VeggieTales - Esther - The Girl Who Became Queen

VeggieTales - God Wants Me to Forgive Them?!?

Veggie Tales - Jonah 

Veggie Tales - Jonah Sing-Along Songs and More!

VeggieTales - Josh and the Big Wall!

VeggieTales - King George and the Ducky

VeggieTales - Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space!

VeggieTales - Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed

VeggieTales - Madame Blueberry

VeggieTales - Rack, Shack & Benny

VeggieTales - Silly Sing-Along 2 The End of Silliness?

VeggieTales - The Toy That Saved Christmas

VeggieTales - Where's God When I'm Scared
















DVD 17

DVD 06

DVD 51

DVD 44

DVD 45

DVD 46

DVD 50

DVD 48

DVD 47

DVD 49


K 106

K 87

K 187

K 133

K 237

K 86

K 111

K 207

K 209


FC 01

FC 04

FC 05, FC 06


VC 588

VC 108

VC 103

VC 192

VC 97, VC 200

VC 328

VC 93

VC 96

VC 205

VC 589


VC 635

VC 56

VC 34

VC 94

VC 95

VC 106

VC 466

VC 586

VC 181

VC 330

VC 194

VC 105

VC 110

VC 201

VC 174

VC 111

VC 197

VC 121

VC 587

VC 122

VC 597

VC 598

VC 599

VC 600

VC 542

VC 494

VC 493

VC 560

VC 538

VC 653

VC 607

VC 541

VC 546

VC 540

VC 495

VC 543

VC 539

VC 545

VC 544

VC 496


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